Fundraising - Support Drive Ends Sep 28!

Current Total: $2,885 (11.5%) of $25,000!

Thank you for participating in our annual support drive!

Instead of selling things, collecting money, turning in money, getting things, and distributing things, we're going to make this easy - a simple donation fundraiser!

There are four main areas where funds are needed; Arts, Academics, Athletics, and Teacher and Staff Appreciation Fund. You can direct your contribution to one of these specific funds or donate to the general fund which will be used as needed, whether to supplement one of the other buckets that are low, or to have on hand for any additional needs. You may also spread your contribution out to several funds; to do that, you will need to make individual contributions to each fund. To begin, simply view the areas of need below and click the "donate" button beside that fund.

Want to know how to donate a smaller amount on a monthly recurring basis? Click here!

NOTE: You do not need a PayPal account. You can donate through PayPal with a debit or credit card by clicking the link by "Don't have a PayPal account? Use your credit card or bank account" near the bottom of the donation page.

Maker Space General Fund

Goal: $10,000

This is the Maker Space Capital Fund. This fund will be combined with additional donations until there is enough to complete the project in the future.

Fine Arts

Goal: $1,500

This is the Arts Fund. It will fund projects for activities such as band and orchestra.

Teacher Professional Development Fund

Goal: $2,000

This is the Teacher Professional Development Fund. It will fund ongoing education and professional training for our teachers and staff.

Athletics Fund

Goal: $1,500

This is the Athletics Fund. Last year, this funded a scoreboard for the gym.

Teacher and Staff Support Fund

Goal: $2,000

This is the Teacher and Staff Support Fund. It will be used for teacher breakfasts and Monthly Teacher lunches - $300 will cater one lunch. In addition, we would like to provide each teacher with a gift card for classroom supplies. This fund will also help keep our teacher's lounge stocked.

Technology Fund

Goal: $5,000

This is the Technology Fund. It will be used for improvements and maintenance of STEAM tech tools.

General Fund

Goal: $3,000

This is the General Fund. It will be used to supplement any areas above that need additional support.

How to do a monthly recurring payment:

Step 1: Click on any of the "donate" buttons for any of the categories above.

Step 2: Just below the amount field, you should see a check box for "Make this a monthly payment". Note: You will have to have a PayPal account for recurring donations. One-time donations can use debit or credit cards. If you would like to donate monthly by check, please email our treasurer at and let her know how much you plan to donate in total for our records. Thank you!

Step 3: Please note that this will create payments until you stop them. We do not have a way through PayPal to set the amount of time or number of payments. You may want to set an alert for some time in the future to stop payments.

Step 4: Since we don't know how long you plan to make the payments, please email our treasurer at and let her know you've created a recurring payment and what you plan to donate in total for our records. Thank you!


The MSSA PTO supports the students, staff, and teachers of the Maxine Smith STEAM Academy in Memphis, TN.